About Moe Moe 23

Moe Moe 23 is an expression of creativity from the mind, heart and soul of artist and designer, Nicole Moore. 

Since Nicole was a child, she’s expressed her creativity for educational and recreational purposes.  She fashioned fabric scraps as clothing for her dolls; learned how to sew and began making her own clothing at the age of eight; drew artwork for school assigned projects and started crafting jewelry in 1993. She dabbled with leather for purses first in 2003 with one of her cousins and then solo in 2012, creating her first leather shoulder bag. 

Her use of leather has expanded to include a variety of products, including clutches, tote bags, wallets and more.  Nicole’s incorporation of leathers, semi-precious metals, stones and various beads result in accessories for women and men. She creates beautiful conversation pieces that can be classy but edgy, simplistic but unique, bold and yet subtle using natures gifts to create her one of a kind pieces.  

Her work was also featured in the 2014 issue of the international magazine, Fashion Avenue News. So stay tuned as she continues to create and give of herself through her art.


Behind the name…

Moe Moe was given to Nicole by her maternal grandmother as a childhood nickname. The 23 was the address of her maternal grandparents’ home where she once lived and spent numerous summers visiting. Although not fond of the name, she was extremely fond of her grandmother and therefore decided to honor her using the name and address.


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